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At Gild Wealth, we see aligning your business goals with your personal goals as the key path to building wealth and creating financial independence.  You can’t plan your next year without a sense of where you’re heading in general, so we like to start with the big questions. What do you really want to do in the next 2 years, 5 years…?

What’s the meaning of it all?

Yep, that got deep very quickly. But when we understand what makes you tick we can figure out exactly what you’ll need to get there.


Building a quality investment portfolio, and how to manage it.

We help you build and constantly refine your portfolio based on where you are at in life. Things will change as the years go by, so it’s critical your portfolio changes with you and the movements of the market.


Super and retirement planning.

The legislation around super seems to change nearly as frequently as our Prime Minister (ahem), which makes it hard to know exactly how you should structure things. We keep on top of the rules to help you balance your payments with your cash flow, whether you’re with a retail fund, an industry fund, or self-manage your super.


Sorting out a personal budget.

Living life to a budget can be a bit of a killjoy, but it’s where financial independence comes from and no one lasts long when they spend more than they have. We integrate what we know about your business earnings with other incomings and outgoings, so the entire plan is seamless and requires zero brain space on a daily basis.


Managing your debt.

The way we see it, debt isn’t a bad thing – but without a watchful eye, it can easily go rogue. We’ll take a look at what you’re borrowing for, how it’s structured and revise it (if needed) to maximise your return and minimise your risk.


Personal insurance.

Superstar athletes and singers aren’t being divas when they insure their hands or their voice – they’re being pragmatic. Your greatest asset is your health and your ability to work so if getting injured or sick could compromise your ability to earn money, then you need an insurance strategy.


Protecting your assets.

There’s no point putting in effort building your wealth if you don’t protect it – both for yourself and your estate, in the event of your death or incapacity. Cheerful, huh?


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