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The numbers don’t lie. Whether that’s the number of people coming through your doors, versus how much they are spending on food and drink, or what’s showing up in your bank accounts and your profits at the end of the pay cycle – they tell a story about your business.

To take your business to the next level, we have partnered with a highly experienced and hands on hospitality expert to help implement a proven strategy that can be instituted immediately to increase your profits (by at least 10%).

The program is specifically aimed at creating a permanent increase in spend per head and providing you with a tangible way to measure your ROI. Besides the benefit of increased revenue, the ripple effect of this proven strategy is increased customer engagement, return trade, more online reviews, lower staff turnover and an improved workplace culture.

There is no shortage of advisory services out there that could tell you how to improve or things to do to make more revenue. Choosing the Gild Group means you’ll receive a service from a trusted business in the industry, plus get a hands-on service where we can come into your venue and directly work with you to initiate taking all aspects of your business to the next level.

If you want a full review of your business operations, from sales, staff training, menu pricing, branding/marketing, venue layout, COGS, SOP’s, compliance, plus bookkeeping and finances, and for a comprehensive report on these findings – please reach out.

We can only work with a couple of clients at once and the waitlist has already started so get in touch today so you can reserve your spot.

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All your hospitality business needs in one place

Your business is going okay but there’s something just not adding up. You are at a point where you need an expert, who understands the business to come in, review where everything is at and provide an effective report on these findings that are actionable and quite easy to resolve.


Our consultants are in-house and highly experienced in hospitality. So the solution may involve The Gild Group’s qualified team of advisors or we may refer you to our partners in the business to make these fixes. At the forefront of all this – we want YOU to succeed and we know how to help make this happen.

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Meet Stuart

Stuart comes with over 30 years of industry experience and over a decade as an Operations Manager/Owner/Operator of some of the most notable hatted venues.


One part of this service is turning your front-of-house staff into your business’s sales team.

He understands that one of the key strategies to moving the money needle in a business is to spend some time on front-of-house sales skills and states. “Like any other skill they can be taught, but ironically, they rarely are. It’s a sizable, missed opportunity for most venues.”

Having an actual strategy in the business which focuses on this as a daily KPI from each department, kitchen, bar and front of house, is a really powerful accelerant on takings. Usually, owners and managers are too busy to provide this attention to the team, which is why we created this service offering and can step in to do it for them.”

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What's Next?

  1. Register your interest
  2. Agree to the initial site visit and “health check” of your business
  3. Book a time
  4. We provide a tailored proposal
  5. If you sign up, within the first month = a higher spend per head.
  6. Within 3 months = the business evolves with the new routine.
  7. After 1 year = enjoy the effects of long-term business stability.
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Why Choose The Gild Group?

Highly relevant, industry-specific expertise: Gild consultants are specialised in hospitality – not just generalists. That means they provide forward-thinking advice based on experience with other similar businesses. We understand industry terms. And we’re highly connected in hospitality – so we can introduce to you to opportunities that others can’t.

In-house experts in every area you need : With Gild, you have a single point of contact for any financial services you need, including accounting, tax, grants, wealth, insurance, legal… even Business Management and Marketing. Our experts all work together to grow your business with you.