Alex Canning

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Alex Canning

Alex Canning leverages his robust background in law and pharmaceutical sciences with over five years of dedicated experience in the Australian R&D Tax Incentive, with a special focus on emerging sectors such as biotechnology, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, and computer science. His proficiency encompasses strategic project management, documentation and governance processes, and the implementation of process automation to optimize R&D claims, ensuring meticulous compliance with complex legislative frameworks.

Known for his leadership in navigating the intricate processes of AusIndustry and ATO audits, Alex has a proven track record in securing favourable outcomes. His expertise extends to the strategic preparation and management of Advance and Overseas Finding Applications, crucial for companies looking to extend their R&D efforts internationally. Alex’s deep understanding of the R&D Tax Incentive framework allows him to deliver customised advice, aligning with the unique challenges and opportunities of both emerging startups and established enterprises.

Alex employs a forward-thinking and results-driven approach that not only maximizes entitlements but also empowers companies to fully leverage their innovation potential. His strategic insights and dedication to client success foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Through his guidance, companies recognise and capitalise on new opportunities, making Alex an invaluable partner in their pursuit of technological advancement and business growth.

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