Tianna Raad

Senior Consultant |
Tianna Raad

Tianna holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), specialising in the application of psychological principles within business environments. Her expertise bridges the understanding of human behaviour with strategic business management, making her an invaluable asset in navigating the complex landscape of R&D Tax Incentives and government grants.

With experience across a broad range of industries including Business Management, Music & Entertainment, Biotechology and Information Technology, Tianna excels in enhancing client engagements and optimising satisfaction, leveraging her deep insights into organisational psychology to facilitate the seamless management of R&D incentive and grants projects, ensuring they align with government funding priorities while maximising potential impacts.

Tianna’s proficiency in organisational leadership, strategic communications, and project management empowers her to engage with cross-functional teams effectively, driving project compliance and reporting within regulatory frameworks. Her strategic vision is focused on fostering growth and supporting clients through the intricacies of grant applications and compliance reviews.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and a dedication to enhancing organisational effectiveness, Tianna’s unique blend of psychological expertise and strategic insight plays a pivotal role in supporting clients’ success, helping them navigate the challenges of the R&D incentives and grants landscapes and realise their commercial potential.

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