Client Spotlight: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

Eco Renewable Energy and their Smart Solar Benches

Sydney-based company, where innovation meets sustainability, is making big leaps with their Smart Solar Benches in the bustling metropolis of Sydney, Melbourne and across the country.  

Eco Renewable Energy is revolutionizing the way we think about public spaces and renewable energy with its interactive installations across Australia. They are redefining urban living while championing environmental consciousness, which many cities are embracing.  

The emerging startup specialises in the design and deployment of green technology, cutting-edge, eco-friendly products that use smart products. For instance, their Smart Solar Benches not only offer a convenient resting spot for the busy commuter, but they also harness the power of renewable energy to enhance the urban experience.  

Making Public Spaces Smarter and Greener

The local government is embracing its reputation as a sustainable, forward-thinking city so it’s only natural for them to take these products on board and install several Smart Solar Benches throughout the city. These benches offer an ingenious solution that fuses modern technology with environmental stewardship, making public spaces smarter and greener than ever before.  

They’ve recently launched a subscription model which combines marketing and installations – i.e. the smart benches can be branded with any company logos / installed at any location where there is ample sunlight. 



On top of this, Eco Renewable Energy are creating innovative products including kinetic energy dancefloors, kinetic bikes/workstations and more.  


Alicia and Amit at The Gild Group have been an invaluable asset to our business. We have been working with them since we started our business and can’t thank them enough. Their extensive knowledge in the startup space, combined with their availability and unwavering support, has made them the best accountants we’ve worked with.  

They consistently provide expert guidance, translating complex financial concepts into practical terms, and are always there to address any questions or concerns. Their passion for supporting businesses shines through in their strategic recommendations, and we are incredibly grateful for them.”  

— Jade McCormick, General Manager Eco Renewable Energy 


Financial Support for Innovative Startups

The Gild Group fully supports innovative startups, we love to help and be a part of any entrepreneurs who launched their business. We can support business owners by helping them with their business process, financial guidance (accounting, bookkeeping, etc.), marketing, and much more!

We strive to inspire the world by showing that it’s possible to deliver value and happiness to clients, employees and the community in a long-term sustainable way. 

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