Who we are

At Gild, we’re your Accounting, Advisory & Wealth specialists.

Whether you write songs, code, pour coffee or pick up the tools, if you make a living from your creativity and hard work, we get it. We’ll give you the clarity and confidence you need to get on top of your accounting, tax and financial planning to get on track for the future – and basically just get on with it.


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We work with some of Australia’s smartest, nicest clients. Here are a few names you might know.

How we help

We focus on the why, what and the how.

Gild offers more than the traditional financial services provider.

At Gild, we think for success in the long term, business and personal goals need to be aligned.

We take a holistic approach. An approach that understands clients as people first. An approach that addresses life goals, and not just business objectives – complete with a full (and affectionate) appreciation of the quirks of your industry.

Indeed, Gild gives you reassurance, clarity and excitement about the future.


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