Gild Wealth

We help your money
work for you.
So you don’t have
to work for your money.

Gild Wealth

You do you,
We do your
wealth management.

Gild Wealth

You do life,
We do the
financial coaching.

Gild Wealth

You do you,
We help you reach
financial freedom.

Group 30

Welcome to Gild Wealth

Formerly known as Financial Affairs, the Gild Wealth team offers a full range of wealth management services, and we are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Regardless of how complex your situation might be, we are absolutely your best choice to guide you to the financial future you always dreamed about.  

Individual aspects of your finances such as budgeting, debt, insurance and superannuation all contribute to your capacity to become and/or remain financially independent. We work with you across all these areas as your “financial coach”, helping you achieve your goals and reach and maintain financial independence.

The type of advice you require will change throughout your life, so it is important that your strategies do too. With the right guidance and education, we help you feel empowered to make informed decisions about the direction of your financial affairs. 

We will help your money work for you, so you don’t have to work for the money.

Meet the Team

Our Wealth Management team have a wide variety of experience across large financial institutions including stockbroking, financial planning, funds management and structured investment.

What unites us all is a desire to bring the best of the skills and knowledge from these large organisations to a more tailored, client-centric approach.

Claire Williams
Rowena Thiele
Wendy Wallace
Stephanie Stacey
Scott Pantlin
Stephen Cleary
Fiona Ireland

You do you
We do your money.

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