Gild Finance

You do you,
We do your financing.

Gild Finance

You do the dreaming,
We do the funding.

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Welcome to Gild Finance

Debt is not a bad thing if it is used for the right purposes and structured appropriately.

At Gild Finance, we will work through the different finance options to determine which is the most appropriate structure, terms and lender, be it for your personal, investment or business lending.

Gild Finance service is provided in conjunction with Wholesale Mortgage Funding and Monte Finance.

We help you find the finance – So you can keep doing what you love.

Meet the Team

Our Finance Management team have a wide variety of experience to help find the finance options that best suit you or your business needs.

Zak Fleisher-Sharbanee
George Dick
Steve Waugh
Tom Healey
Maddy McClure

You do you
We do your business.

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