Commercial Finance Updates

Interest Rates 

The RBA lifted its rate over the past 2 months from 0.10% to 0.85%. What does this mean? Simply, any variable rate loans are likely to increase & your underlying repayments are set to increase. From a business perspective, this means that overall costs will increase & ultimately this will affect cash flow. What can you do? Simply, get in contact with Gild Finance to organise a review of your current business/commercial facilities. There has never been a better time to plan ahead & review your current cash flows/buffers given the current market volatility & uncertainty.


It’s stating the obvious to point out that the Construction Industry is going through a tough time currently. The latest data from Equifax shows that construction insolvencies in April were 47% higher nationally than the same period. Continued cost pressures are sure to impact your cashflow & balance sheets. What can you do? Gild Finance can assist in finding cash flow solutions for your business. This means injecting much needed liquidity to help absorb those additional costs & delays whilst also helping you plan ahead for the next 12-18 months. Reach out today to discuss what we can do to help.