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You do you,
We deliver the strategy.

Gild Legal

You do your business,
We provide the legals.

Gild Legal

You do you,
We unlock your
business potential.

Gild Legal

You do you,
We help you
pursue your potential.

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Welcome to Gild Legal

We provide you with expert legal advice and strategy so that you can navigate complexity, make strong decisions and secure your business goals.

Gild Legal understands that every business owner, regardless of size, wants to know that their commercial and personal foundations are secure and that they are positioned to succeed.

We welcome the opportunity to bring clarity and confidence to your affairs.

Whether it’s developing your corporate strategy, restructuring your business, protecting your wealth, planning your retirement, or completing your will – we’ve got you covered – both here in Australia, and internationally.

You do you, we will deliver the strategy.

Meet the Team

Meet our team of experienced professionals.

Many of our experts are multi-qualified practitioners with diverse professional advisory backgrounds (including top-tier law, in-house corporate and general counsel experience).

Andrew Antonopoulos
Toni Eisenhut
Matt Burgess
Tessa Lyden
Steven Cantrill
Amanda Gleeson
Kamand Mohtasham
Megan Grover
Nele Hunter

You do you
We do your money.

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