Gild R&D Incentives & Grants:
Streamlined access to government funding for your business

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Easily identify and access the R&D Tax Incentive and Australian Government funding

Gild’s R&D Incentives & Grants service makes the whole process of identifying and accessing R&D Tax Incentives and Australian Government funding easier. You have our team by your side every step of the way, helping you with everything from identifying funding opportunities, assessing eligibility, preparing documents, reporting, applications and audit support.

Gild’s R&D Incentives & Grants service includes:

  • Strategic R & D Advisory Services – Incorporating key tax, legal and accounting considerations we provide holistic and strategic advisory solutions. Gild’s advisors support company management in relation to key decisions on funding and commercialisation opportunities
  • Governance Health Checks & Support – Gild conducts regular health checks of company project management and financial reporting systems to assist in the implementation of governance frameworks and policies in support of R&D claims. Gild ensures you are executing in accordance with evolving R&D legislative requirements and the latest regulator guidance.
  • Embed grant funding strategies – Working with your teams, we’ll identify grant funding opportunities you may not be aware of, such as EMDG funding for example. From there, we’ll support you through the grant application preparation and submission process, including post-funding reporting requirements (e.g. grant agreement milestone reporting).
  • Preparing Advance Finding applications – Gild’s advisors can determine eligibility prior to lodgement. Additionally, we can prepare applications for Overseas Findings for R&D activities conducted outside Australia.

Who is this service for?

If your business meets the following criteria, you will be a great fit to work with our Grant Advisors:

You must be an Australian business developing a product or service that involves technology, research and experimentation

Your business should have a turnover of over $20m+

You’re a senior decision-maker with the knowledge to have a strategic financial discussion with our advisors

Government grants access

Gild becomes a single point of contact for all your grant-related matters, not just the R&D Tax Incentive.

Our consultants are in-house and highly experienced in your industry. We can work closely with your team, or we can handle all of your government funding initiatives as a completely outsourced managed service.
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R&D Tax Incentive experts

With Gild’s R&D Incentives & Grants Advisors, you know you’re getting best-in-class advice at all times. And, it’s provided in a way that is easy to understand and time-efficient.

Now, you can rest assured you’re receiving everything you are entitled to, without the management overhead and paperwork burden.

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Why Choose The Gild Group?

Highly relevant, industry-specific expertise: Gild consultants are specialised in hospitality – not just generalists. That means they provide forward-thinking advice based on experience with other similar businesses. We understand industry terms. And we’re highly connected in your industry – so we can introduce to you to opportunities that others can’t.

In-house experts in every area you need : With Gild, you have a single point of contact for any financial services you need, including accounting, tax, grants, wealth, insurance, legal… even Business Management and Marketing. Our experts all work together to grow your business with you.