Local Accountants Bring Big Business to the State

National professional services firm The Gild Group is bringing quality services and increased employment opportunities to the region, by recently partnering with two Sunshine Coast accounting firms. 

Chairman and Founder of The Gild Group, Paul Luczak, has recognized that Sunshine Coast businesses are on a path of major innovation so there are plenty of opportunities to support the growth of these local businesses through industry specialised services.   

“Our core value is to bring lasting positive impact to businesses with specialised industry expertise and back that with a high performing innovative national team, so local areas can access those benefits,” said Mr Luczak.  

“Where other larger firms carry a lot of pressure to drive higher fees to maintain the overheads in high-cost areas, we’ve worked hard to create a business built on automated workflow delivery, agile framework, remote flexibility and client-centric multi-disciplinary services under one roof.” 

Tamara Cross, Director of TC&Co and now Partner of Gild Business Management, says her decision to join with a bigger company was driven by the desire to add more value to her existing Sunshine Coast hospitality clients to support and strengthen their business even further. 

“There’s plenty of operational and administrative challenges with running a business, so to remedy this and gain back some capacity to focus on bringing the most value possible to our clients, we decided to join The Gild Group,” said Ms Cross. 

“We can continue providing local support to our Sunshine Coast businesses and now with access to a broader range of services such as legal, R&D, and insurance, with nationally recognised quality expertise – it’s a win-win for us and our local clients!”  

Another great Sunshine Coast business, RCB Accounting Solutions, recently partnered with The Gild Group due to its niche expertise in the management rights sector.  

Since lockdowns, more people are moving up north and taking their businesses to the area so businesses such as TC& Co and RCB Accounting have seen an increased need for professional services that can offer high-quality services and industry-specialized support from a localized standpoint.  

“Joining a growing national services firm such as The Gild Group also means we suddenly have a greater need to hire more local accountants, and as the company continues to scale and more businesses prosper, we will continue bringing employment opportunities to our area,” said Ms Cross. 

“It’s an amazing opportunity for our area so we hope local accountants want to join us in this journey in helping bring more value to our local Sunshine Coast businesses!” 


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