Specialised Financial Advice For The Music Industry

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As an artist, label or manager life can be dynamic and fast-moving. So it’s super-important your finances get managed well – without impacting your flow.

An industry-specialised financial adviser will:

  • Be very different from your typical financial provider!
  • Ensure you’re up to date with the profit your tour is making
  • Show you how you’re stacking up compared to other similar artists
  • Help you manage royalties, tour profits, reporting, recording contracts, tax, international currencies and … all those other financial things!
  • Show you how to report to your record label or bandmates, and advise you on paying your staff
  • Assist you to structure your business for global recording and touring (handy for when you’re blowing up in the US!)

In short, an industry-experienced adviser will be actively involved in your growth as a musician.

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What well known Australian musicians has Gild helped to reach success?

There are too many to name here – and we are on the journey with every Gild music client, from the start, all the way to world domination.

But for now, here are a few Gild clients that you might have heard of:

  • Tame Impala
  • Chase Atlantic
  • Dom Dolla
  • Spacey Jane
  • Rufus Du Sol
  • Ocean Alley
  • Tash Sultana
  • Baker Boy
  • Tones and I
  • … and so many more

Very cool client list, right?!

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All your financial needs in one place

Gild becomes a single point of contact for all your financial matters. When you have a “gut feel” or need urgent advice about your financials – you reach out to us and we interpret the numbers and impacts with you.

Our consultants are in-house and highly experienced in the music industry. And our team scales alongside yours. So you won’t have to manage communications between different companies.

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What about when you’re touring internationally?

Here are some of the things an experienced financial adviser will handle for you, while you’re living and breathing the music:

  • Ensuring you’re meeting all of your tax obligations in the country you’re touring in.
  • Keeping records of the taxes you’ve paid in each country.
  • Having all of your ducks in a row in Australia, ensuring you’re set up correctly and are lodging on-time each year.
  • Becoming familiar with how tax works in each different country you visit.
  • Documenting all of your expenses diligently.

Luckily, your Gild expert has all the knowledge and insider experience to get your tour finances performing optimally for you.

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Ready to learn more?

When you’ve got a specialised professional managing your finances or providing advice, you can expect:

* Forward-thinking advice based on what we’ve learnt working with other artists and professionals in the industry.

* We speak YOUR language. We’ve been there. Like you, we live and breathe the music.

* We are highly connected in the music industry. This means we can link you up with the right contacts, and create financial opportunities that you can’t get elsewhere.

If you’re going to dominate as a musician …

Don’t settle for generalist financial service advice.

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