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More Than Your Traditional Accounting Service

It’s all in the detail…

The success of a recruitment business relies heavily on the finer details. Whilst you focus on the details of your customer service, menu and venue, we get into the nitty-gritty details of your financials sorted.

The Gild Group offers Virtual CFO and Business Management services designed specifically to help recruitment businesses like yours navigate the key money pain points within your business. Rather than only reporting retrospectively like traditional accounting services, we focus on looking ahead and keeping your business moving forward. We can provide you with the best financial advice and we inevitably become a crucial “virtual” team member who wants you to succeed!


Benefits of Gild Business Management or a Virtual CFO:

  • You get 20+ years of financial strategy experience from people who have worked with leading peers in your industry
  • We help you make optimal decisions from a holistic, business-wide & industry-wide perspective
  • You can avoid the expensive commitment of a full-time in-house CFO or accounting team – or we work with your CFO & team
  • You save time & money; we make it simple & easy
  • You receive deep, industry-specific financial expertise that results in tangible business outcomes


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All your financial needs in one place

Gild becomes a single point of contact for all your financial matters. When you have a “gut feel” or need urgent advice about your financials – you reach out to us and we interpret the numbers and impacts with you.

Our consultants are in-house and highly experienced in recruitment. And our team scales alongside yours. So you won’t have to manage communications between different companies.
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Financial experts that have your back

With Gild Business Management, know you’re getting best-in-class financial advice at all times. And it’s provided in a way that is easy to understand, by people you enjoy working with. Now you have the ability to make data-driven business decisions.

When difficult financial situations arise, you have an advisor who is connected in the industry, has been there before and has access to resources that will ease the stress.

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We'll start with a casual conversation to understand your situation, explain the benefits that our recruitment clients are experiencing and show you how Gild Virtual Advisory would work in your business.

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Why Choose The Gild Group?

Highly relevant, industry-specific expertise: Gild consultants are specialised in recruitment – not just generalists. That means they provide forward-thinking advice based on experience with other similar businesses. We understand industry terms. And we’re highly connected in recruitment – so we can introduce to you to opportunities that others can’t.

In-house experts in every area you need : With Gild, you have a single point of contact for any financial services you need, including accounting, tax, grants, wealth, insurance, legal… even Business Management and Marketing. Our experts all work together to grow your business with you.