Matt Burgess

Head of Sports Entertainment | Gild Legal - Partner |
Matt Burgess

Matt has practiced in sports and entertainment law for more than 16 years representing clients of all sizes and types in this dynamic industry. Recent work includes drafting the “Lifestyle and Action Sports Hub Strategy Paper for the 2032 Olympics in South-East Queensland” on behalf of the Queensland Academy of Sport and brokering commercial and operational opportunities for the WPGA Tour of Australia and PGA Tour of Australia (Golf).

Matt’s legal expertise Includes lead counsel on multi-jurisdictional content/broadcast deals for global rights holders, production rights and funding deals, full event diligence over multiple territories, talent CBA negotiation, representation for brands and sport’s governing bodies and structuring of international networks of companies to execute global strategy or operations.

He has held multiple leadership and executive positions including CEO for Loyals Rugby (USA), Hamptons Life (Syd), strategic lead for clients like Bond University and Usher Cup and been responsible for commercial strategy for breakaway projects like The Athena (Golf) and Urban Sport Fest (Action Sport) each with international market reach and live broadcast distribution with Fox Sports and /Kayo. He holds current Board roles with Global Action Sports Foundation in California, Sports Gold Coast, Tweed Seagulls and is Chair of Bowls Australia. He also sits as Chair of the High-Performance Committee for Skateboarding in Australia.

Matt will bring the expanding value and various expertise of The Gild Group to the sports market. Sports entertainment is where sports professionalise and appeal to a broader market than just their participants. This dynamic and sometimes chaotic industry requires specialist skill to navigate businesses to growth. The agility and skills of the Gild team are especially suitable to sports entertainment businesses and cannot wait to bring show our value to the market.


Content and Media:

  • Broadcast agreements, including to overseas markets
  • Influencer advice and business structuring
  • Tax-related advice involving contractors and different jurisdictions
  • Marketing regulations for public broadcast of content
  • Opportunities for government grants for creative industry
  • Advertising agreements


  • Negotiation for rights with players, events or broadcasters
  • Athlete agreements of CBA preparation/diligence
  • Diligence on new projects and concepts for potential Investment
  • Commercial arrangements with brands or tourism partners
  • Legal structuring (or re-structuring) to achieve the purposes of your organisation
  • Strategy for market Introduction of a sport, product, team or athlete
  • Marketing roll-out of a new strategy, and the modelling justifying the same.
  • Rights management system establishment.

Rights Managers or Agencies:

  • Client agreement arrangements
  • Brand deals
  • Mother agent agreements
  • Talent contracting, processes, and execution strategy
  • Business structuring for clients
  • Post-Career development strategy for clients
  • Market Introduction diligence and strategy
  • Commercial agreements for rights management
  • Content production agreements

Innovation as a Service:

  • Building investible opportunities within sports entertainment to satisfy “Innovation” strategy businesses adopt
  • Sports betting strategy and implementation
  • Gaming (inc esports) strategy and implementation
  • Grant sourcing
  • Web3 and NFT strategy
  • Content platform and broadcast advice