Steve Caniglia

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Steve Caniglia

For the last 5 years I’ve been the Partner of the Music and Entertainment Business Management Team at The Gild Group building out a team of 10 employees. I have worked with a broad range of high-profile clients, both local and international.​

Skills: ​
– Strong problem solving and lateral thinking skillset, excellent attention to detail.​
– Excellent communication skills required due to mutli-level stakeholders in BM world – requires ability to explain complicated financial issues to artists & musicians with no financial background​
– Decade of experience in the BM side, with 15+ years as a musician, performing at festivals such as Soundwave, Big Day Out, Taste of Chaos, and supporting a multitude of international artists – equipped with intricate knowledge of the industry itself as well as the financial/accounting side of the industry​
– Strong leadership & project management skillset​
– Excellent workflow management​