Unpacking the Go-Green Co-Innovation Program

The Go-Green Co-Innovation Program (GGCIP), a groundbreaking $20 million collaborative grant opportunity has finally launched, nearly a year after its initial announcement. Jointly run by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Singapore’s enterprise development agency, the program aims to supercharge sustainability and open new doors for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in both Australia and Singapore.

In a bid to fuel innovation, the GGCIP offers qualifying applicants matched grant funding of up to half a million dollars.

If you’re an Australian SME, this is your chance to partner with a Singaporean enterprise. Together, you’ll work on cutting-edge green solutions in a range of priority sectors—including renewable & clean energy, advanced manufacturing, sustainable materials, energy-efficient technology, and waste management.

Under the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement (GEA), priority green sectors include:

  • Renewable and clean energy.
  • Waste management and circular economy.
  • Sustainable agribusiness and food.
  • Green transportation and logistics.
  • Built environment and infrastructure.
  • Energy efficient technologies and products.
  • Advanced manufacturing and sustainable materials.
  • Environmental monitoring, analysis, and assessment.

Who’s Eligible?

To qualify for the GGCIP funding, project consortia must include at least one enterprise from Singapore and one from Australian SME (less than 200 employees), both operating independently from each other. Each enterprise is restricted to contributing no more than 70% of the total project budget, ensuring a balanced partnership and shared responsibilities.

Funding for Australian Enterprises

On the Australian side, companies have the potential to tap into a funding pool of $9.625 million which will be available until 2025-26, future rounds potentially available subject to further program funding.

Timeline: Mark Your Calendars

Applications are now open and will close 4 December 2023, successful applicants will be notified in February 2024, with all projects to be completed by April 2026.

Why Jump In?

  • Access to targeted financial support designed to initiate or escalate your sustainable ventures.
  • An opportunity to break into or expand within the Australian or Singaporean markets.
  • A platform to forge meaningful international partnerships, facilitating cross-border knowledge exchange and collaboration.

For more information on the GGCIP, or for assistance and advice with specialised grants, get in touch with the team by visiting the Gild R&D Incentives & Grants page.