Cash Back Offers for Residential Lending

Home loans are one of the biggest financial commitments any Australian will make. And as life changes, so do our needs. So it makes sense to check in on your home loan and make sure you are still getting the best value. That bank product that fit you perfectly when you first purchased, is likely out of date now and causing increased unnecessary loan repayments.

Banks are always competing fiercely for your loan with different products and low rates. However, one of the most beneficial items they offer for customers are the cash back offers. Often by refinancing, not only will you get a better interest rate, but you will also receive a cash incentive form the bank. Many banks will offer customers cash to refinance to their bank.

Below is a list of current cash back offers which we are finding very enticing at the minute.

There are many other reasons you may look to refinance, including releasing equity, saving funds and changing the structure of your loan. The cash back offers are often just the cherry on top.

In order to ensure you are constantly on top of your lending situation, we recommend you review your home loan at least every 2 years.

If you would like to discuss whether refinancing is something that will benefit you, please let us know and we will be in touch.