You do the dreaming,
We help bring
them to life.

You create the IP,
We help protect it.

You do you,
We protect (and defend)
your ideas.

You do you,
We help create
your enterprise value.

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Intellectual Property

Gild Legal offer contemporary and agile intellectual property advice for your business, whether it be dealing with IP strategy, commercial rights, registrations or all the above in Australia or around the world. 

You do you, we help you monopolise your market.


The Intellectual Property Protection Report (IPPR)

This is more than just a report identifying risk and opportunity for your business; it’s a strategic guide crafted to empower your business for success and build enterprise value when pitching your business to investors or stakeholders.

We help you consider risks and opportunities within the following intellectual property of your business: brand, inventions, designs, online assets, contractual IP rights and any other intellectual property we can identify.

We then look to what protection is available from trademarks, patents, registered designs, copyright, relevant contracts, and other legal mechanisms available to you in whatever global market you are interested in.

You do you, we will protect your business.

Meet the Team

Meet our team of experienced professionals.

Many of our experts are multi-qualified practitioners with diverse professional advisory backgrounds (including top-tier law, in-house corporate and general counsel experience).

Toni Eisenhut
Matt Burgess
Tessa Lyden
Tran Vuong
Steven Cantrill
Amanda Gleeson
Kamand Mohtasham

You do you
We do your money.

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